3:19 The only deen in the sight of Allah is ...

لِلدِّينِ حَنِيفًا فِطْرَتَ اللَّهِ

The Deen of Pure Nature Allah

Direct your attention to the Deen Hanifian (لِلدِّينِ حَنِيفًا) and do not be one of the mushriks. (Quran 10:105)

So direct your attention to the Deen Hanifian (لِلدِّينِ حَنِيفًا) Nature of Allah (فِطْرَتَ اللَّهِ) in which He has created mankind. There is no changing Allah´s creation. That is the true Deen but many people do not know it. (Quran 30:30) There is no change in the Sunnatullah (is the فِطْرَتَ اللَّهِ)! (Quran 33:62)

Religious Naturalism

Say you, 'Undoubtedly, my Lord has shown me the straight path (صِرَاطٍ مُّسْتَقِيمٍ), a well-founded deen (دِينًا قِيَمًا), Millat Ibrahim (مِّلَّةَ إِبْرَاهِيمَ), Hanifian (حَنِيفًا) for he was not one of the mushriks (الْمُشْرِكِينَ). (Quran 6:161)

  • Straight path (صِرَاطٍ مُّسْتَقِيمٍ), is:

    • Well-founded deen (دِينًا قِيَمًا), is:

      • Millat Ibrahim (مِّلَّةَ إِبْرَاهِيمَ), is:

        • Hanifian (حَنِيفًا), is:

          • Not one of the mushriks (الْمُشْرِكِينَ), the:

            • Star

            • ☪︎ Moon

            • Sun

            • Takfirist

        • But, the Deen of Pure Sunnatullah: لِلدِّينِ حَنِيفًا فِطْرَتَ اللَّهِ

Naturalist Muslim (حَنِيفًا مُّسْلِمًا)

Straight Path (is) the Path of Allah (sunnatullah) to whom everything in the heavens and everything on the earth belongs (Quran 42:52-53)

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